L'Unreal Engine 3.0 sur Revolution ?
Posté par Nic007 le 26.01.2006

Midway cherche actuellement un level design pour un projet multi-plateforme (un FPS). Le jeu est mentionné tourné sur Unreal Engine 3 et programmé sur PS3, Xbox 360 et Nintendo Revolution. Cela sous entenderait-il que le moteur tourne sur la console de Nintendo ? Pour les Anglophones, voici l'offre complète :

Level Layout Designer
Midway Studios Austin - Austin, Texas
PS3, XBOX 360, Nintendo Revolution
Next Generation First Person Shooter - 1st Person, SHOOTER
Game Designer Duties: Level Designer / World Building, Scripting / Shell Programming
Software Utilized: Unreal
Spoken Language(s): English
Required Work Auth.: United States

Job Description and Responsibilities:
Midway-Studios Austin has exciting opportunities for Level Layout Designers to apply their specialized skills on a high profile, next-generation first-person shooter using the Unreal 3 engine. You will be instrumental in visualizing game levels, and working under the direction of the Lead Level Designer. You will work within a level strike team, with a scripter, an audio implementer, and environment artists, to turn your dream into a reality.

The candidate must be proficient in level building tools and other tools/techniques essential to game design. The candidate must be able to document their design and ideally can contribute good ideas on one or more areas of a game's design. Likewise, the candidate must be able to successfully identify problems in a level?s design, support other game designers with technical and creative issues, complete tasks to quality on time, and easily take creative and technical direction.

We are looking for creative and motivated professionals with the following essential skills and at least 2 years of game development experience.

Requirements: Key Skills:

Must have worked on at least one previously published title.

Must have previous experience building 3D environments in an editor.

Must have strong level design and level layout skills.

Previous experience with Unreal technology is an advantage, but not required.

Previous experience with a scripting language is an advantage, but not required.
Personal and Interpersonal Skills:

Must work well in a team environment / share responsibilities.

Must be self motivated.

Must have a passion for creating and playing video games.

Must have good communication skills.


Titre : Nintendo Wii
Plate-forme : Wii
Éditeur : Nintendo
Développeur : Nintendo
Genre : Console

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